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Will Buck / Felipe Gordon - NY Hustlin

Will Buck / Felipe Gordon - NY Hustlin


New York's Will Buck is fast becoming one of the Whiskey Disco Family's most consistent artists and we're happy to present his new EP, NY Hustlin'. This time, he's brought along another Lovedancing alumni, Felipe Gordon and together, the pair deliver a stellar offering for our 15th release.
The titular track opens with slap bass loops and east-coast chants, moving swiftly into smokey chord stabs and bustling horn riffs. Shifting gears into 'Don't Wear It Out,' the energy is amped up with shuffling beats, dubbed out vocal chops and a relentless groove.
As we move to the other side, Will Buck and Felipe Gordon join forces for 'Can't Hold Me Back,' which features latin percussion and some lovely live bass from Mr. Gordon. Lastly, we have one final treat in the form of a Felipe remix for 'NY Hustlin' which sees the man impose his trademark style upon the title track and round out the package nicely.
Pure vibes for you next livestream!

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