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Wendel Sield - Entity EP

Wendel Sield - Entity EP


" ‘Entity EP’ encounters both a happy spirit and two fathomless spirits who dwell in limbo ready to tell the first tale. On side A Wendel Sield displays two original cuts who embody the label's direction.

‘Missing Chant’ is an uplifting rhythmic track full of liquid Rhodes and layered percussion followed by sonic fm synth line. Where as ‘Obeah Rhythm’ takes the EP to a deeper spectrum with evolving pads and hypnotic percussion. On the B side Trinidadian Deep took a deeper organic take on the main track making an infinite flow of percussion layers accompanied by ever evolving moog synth line.

Obia Records' name is inspired by the Obiaman - a spiritual healer from Surinamese and Caribbean culture, often good, sometimes evil. Obiaman resides in the jungle where he practices magical sessions to heal the mind, body and soul. Rhythm and chanting is his tool to guide those who seek a deeper meaning or healing through a journey of music and dance. "

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