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We’ll Sea Pt. 4 (Marbled Blue & White Vinyl)

We’ll Sea Pt. 4 (Marbled Blue & White Vinyl)


 Mireia Records’ maritime-themed color-splash series “We’ll Sea” hits edition number four. Gathered here we find an illustrious quartet of today’s most proficient captains of the night: Das Komplex (Steps, Love on the Rocks), Tecwaa (Höga Nord, Les Yeux Orange), Jacques Bon (Beats in Space, Mule, Smallville) and Achim Maerz (Don’t Be Afraid). Hear satellites roaming the atmospheric edge of our planet as if it would be just another shore. Listen to breaking waves of light. Stargaze while dipping toes in the sands of time. Time to leave the planet - at least for the length of this record.

Limited edition of 300 copies - marbled blue & white vinyl heavy clear sleeve hand stamped, with sticker

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