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Vick Lavender - Beatiful Lie Ft.D. Millz  / Time Passing

Vick Lavender - Beatiful Lie Ft.D. Millz / Time Passing


We are very pleased to welcome Vick Lavender from Chicago on Visions with this amazing ep feat D. Millz.Vick is a well known deep house music producer and has released an amazing number of beautiful ep’s with tracks that are soulful and musical long journeys and its great because here @ Visions we love long tracks .for this ep we ask Vick to do his thing and feel free to express whatever he wanted to and the result on the A side is an amazing 13 minutes voyage accompanied with the soul vocal of D. Millz , an epic journey into deepness and organic sounds with a driving drum beat that will please dj’s and listeners.The B side is also a killer tune , a track mainly focused around a moog bassline and a groovy swing that goes on and on for 9 minutes that keeps you dancing and moving your body for maximum joy that is for sure.Basically this ep holds two dope soulful jams and we are really excited to release this amazing music, we are blessed to be able to present you quality, deepness and music that will last without any doubt.

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