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Various Artists Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 17

Various Artists Tropical Disco Records, Vol. 17


Over the course of just two and half years, Tropical Disco Records now reach their 17th release. They have remained utterly consistent, producing statements of a timeless and moving calibre. 
Moodena kicks off the EP with 'Jezebel', which keeping to its namesake, launches with floozy whistles and punchy, strutting drums. The initial drop lets loose a trumpet and plinking strings naughty enough, yet second time round hydraulic screeches and further brass send the mood through the roof, recalling golden era hip hop, funk and peak Oliver $. It's a powerful opener, no doubt ready to slay any dancefloor it encounters. 
Sartorial's 'Night Shade' has a haughtily proud, head-high body groove. Chimes shimmer amongst divine sax workouts and subtle keys. The live elements really come alive, sure to allure dancers at any point in the night. 
Dubai based Strictly Rhythm and MN2S Recordings affiliate Conan Liquid shares his debut for TD with 'Gotta Scratch'. The bass is what sets the track apart; deep and righteous, effortlessly joined by a whirl of bold synth leads, tribal drums and playful piano dabs. 
To close the EP is another label debutant hailing from Russia, Igor Gonya. 'Caprice Mood' is a meaningful finisher, late 80's esque vocals elevate all surrounding elements, perfectly succinct strums and rolling bass, evoking an uplifting essence of reassurance and bliss in a troubled time.

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