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Various Artists - Essays 1

Various Artists - Essays 1


House music connecting people! Feuilleton is back with a 5-tracker of short stories by the imprint‘s usual suspects and a bunch of new but well known artists from New York, Newark, Munich, Hamburg and Mainz. Tilman & Will Buck deliver a smooth opener with discoish moments on A1, followed by a classical, dubby house roller by the label heads Fossar and Tim Eder, spiced up with some vocals by US house veteran Tony Rodriguez aka Brothers’ Vibe. Feuilleton’s regular RR presents a cinematic mélange of breaky jazz vibes with a maximum organic sound impression. The B-Side is clearly dedicated to the dancefloor. Melina & Jakob Seidensticker created an uplifting floor filler with outstanding vocal action. The twisted shuffle will lift the crowd to the next level! Thomas Stieler is rounding up the compilation with an energetic morning jam, shifting back from the extrovert peak time moment to a deeper, more intimate feel. One for the sunrise, that’s for sure.

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