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Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Volume 2 - FULL PACKAGE

Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Volume 2 - FULL PACKAGE


Finally coming is the eagerly anticipated return of Joaquin Joe Claussell’s
The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs concept- this time we’ll be serving up PT 2 of the series. 
No different than the dope musical vibes that has greatly contributed to the huge success of PT1, as well as with the limited offspring raw CD releases. Joaquin Joe Clausell taps into his encyclopedic knowledge and therefore digs deep into his record collection, choosing (with a few exceptions) jams that are either not overly played by DJ’s or not played at all. He then performs edits and overdubs putting his personal touches on each of them- all done tastefully and with approaching each song with the utmost respect for the original composition. 
Living in a time where CD sales are stagnant; The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs series continues to defy the odds that are stacked up against selling good music and therefore exceeding all expectations and then some.
Similar to PT One, both CD’s are housed in a full color gatefold Digi pack design. Both CD’s are Jammed packed with an array of different styles of music, and as usual, host jams that are mostly under the radar; Both CD’s also feature genres touching on everything from Cosmic Jazz, Soul, Funk Punk, Soulful Disco, Psychedelic Rock, Afro Disco and much more…...
In keeping true to the concept-all tunes have been tastefully edited with the aim of respecting the original composition.

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