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Unknown - Amy

Unknown - Amy


Esoteric German imprint MASK are back with another untitled release featuring six modulated cuts. The MASK imprint have steadily built themselves a reputation within the electronic music world honing a sharp production style which lays focus on effervescent, live jams on hardware gear. The previous six releases on the imprint have garnered an array of support from some of the scene’s most respected names including the likes of Laurent Garnier, Danny Daze, Dan Curtin, Machine Woman, DJ Deep and more names, with MASK continually delivering the goods. The ‘A1’ kicks thing off with warm pads sitting gracefully underneath the sweeping percussive groove whilst ‘A2’ focuses on resounding kicks, otherworldly undertones and enlightening leads in the distance. ‘A3’ is breaks-tinged cut featuring spiralling chords, syncopated rhythms and luscious melodies floating above the spacious yet swinging flow. On the flip, the ‘B1’ offers up dreamy pads, shimmering synths that bounce delightfully off the vibrant hihats in this late night, deep house gem. Low-slung electro drums, ethereal melodic keys, scintillating bass whirls makes up the inspiriting cut that is ‘B2’ before the ‘B3’ delightfully rounds off the release with gentle soundscapes underneath the pensive ambience and German vocals. Unknown ‘Amy drops on MASK in October 2020.

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