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Tyler Friedman - Epiphytic

Tyler Friedman - Epiphytic

SKU: KM057

Tyler Friedman returns to Kontra-Musik with Epiphytic, an improvisational vortex of psychedelic modular synthesizer lines, made in one continuous take. A stylistic shift from Friedman's previous releases on Kontra, the album eschews percussion in favor of an intense pulsing spectrality, situating the music both on the fringes of club culture and in the concert hall. The title - Epiphytic - which refers to a type of plant that grows on the surface of another, non-parasitically, is a metaphor for the way the interlacing and divergent arpeggiations co-exist, forming a larger harmonic structure. The system used in the production of the album acts as a seed to be built upon in a live setting, where the piece can evolve into more esoteric tonalities and rhythms. While Epiphytic is an exploration of 7 limit Just Intonantion, future releases and performances will grow into different tunings and tempos, shifting the genre between fourth world fm, microtonal abstraction and clouds of noise bliss, generating a work in permanent flux.

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