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SKU: OM030

Omena hits release no.30 and celebrates by bringing in Twovi aka Vito Loperfido to the family.

Vito released his first track, 'Giango' on Bosconi Records back in 2017 and followed up with 'In Memory of Love', on Chez Damier's Inner Balance, a release that showcased his talent for blending classic house with a fresh approach.
Fast forward 2020 and we got a new release 'Panama' ready.
These four tracks show why Vito is leading the wave of musical talent coming from Italy and he's not afraid of using inspiration from different sources.

The opening track Panama is an ode to a jazzy KDJ breeze while Santiago is a clever broken beat track with a few latin vibes sprinkled on top.

On the flip, Manchester producer Contours continue to turn music into gold with a singular remake of Panama.
It's a deep and rich version with his signature percussions included.
Last but not least Lima ends this fine EP, a track which takes us back to the golden days of Nuphonic.

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