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Turbojazz In Search EP

Turbojazz In Search EP


Fresh from collaborating with broken beat rising star EVM128 on the latter’s superb “Input 128” album, Turbojazz lands on Boogie Café with an inspired label debut that’s every bit as soulful, jazzy and musically rich as you’d expect.

Thanks to a string of rock solid releases on G.A.M.M, Local Talk and Sampling As An Art Records, the Milanese producer has earned a reputation for creadting rich, soul-fired dancefloor workouts that variously join the dots between deep house, US garage, jazz-funk and broken beat.

This trademark style naturally comes to the fore on the Italian’s first Boogie Café outing, which boasts both club-focused broken beat workouts and smooth, peak-time ready house excursions.

Leading from the front is title track “In Search”, a punchy and loose-limbed broken beat roller that layers spacey jazz-funk synths and opulent Rhodes riffs atop raw analogue bass and the kind of infectious “bruk-up” drums that were once the preserve of West London legends Bugz In The Attic. The track’s inherently soulful elements – particularly the Rhodes riffs and jazz-wise bassline – are re-appropriated by Javontte on his superb accompanying remix. The veteran producer retains the toasty jazziness of Turbojazz’s original version while re-framing the cut as a bumpin’, bass-jeavy deep house cut with oodles of intergalactic charm.

The EP’s other moments are pure Turbojazz. “Voices” is another ambidextrous, starry-eyed slab of broken beat, this time from the jazzier end of the musical spectrum. Snaking sax lines, Herbie Hancock style space synths and rush-inducing chord sequences come to the fore throughout, triumphantly rising above another crunchy rhythm and headline-grabbing bassline.

Turbojazz doesn’t need to reiterate his deep house credentials, but does so anyway via the tasty organ stabs, starry-eyed electronics, acid-style bass and atmosphere-enhancing aural textures of “Yellow”, a classic-sounding instrumental club cut that would sit just as easily on Local Talk as it does on Boogie Café.

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