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Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go

Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go


A 1978 masterpiece and certified classic from the Paradise Garage era, Tony Orlando’s ‘Don't Let Go’ gets the official remastered reissue treatment from Spaziale Recordings. One side contains a killer Versione Spaziale laid down by Stefano Ritteri and the flip holds the original remastered, extended version.

Uplifting synth, string and horn heavy disco with an exuberant vocal to fire up any dancefloor, Tony Orlando’s ‘Don’t Let Go’ is the kind of record that has that innate strut hardwired into it. One that puts a smile on the face and swagger in the step, whether it be striding down the sidewalk or letting loose in the club. Rework wizard Stefano Ritteri also serves up a cosmic disco interpretation on the A side. Opting for stratospheric synths in place of Tony’s vocals, supplemented with a driving beat and looped up chants of ‘Don’t Let Go’, it’s a monster of a cosmic dub.

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