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Toby Tobias - Trippy Steve

Toby Tobias - Trippy Steve


Toby Tobias has been at the coalface of the British leftfield house movement for many years now, releasing, without fuss or fanfare, on an array of fine releases for labels such as ESP Institute, Delusions Of Grandeur, Rekids and many more.

Tobias opens up Futureboogie’s 2020 account with ‘Trippy Steve’, a trio of spaced out dance cuts, which come complete with a remix from Fantastic Man. ‘Trippy Steve’ blends energetic and raw disco rhythms with wide eyed and transcendental deepness, a powerful dubwise bassline that really drives the energy here. Australia’s Fantastic Man (Superconcious Records), keep’s the proceedings
lively on his remix here, a rasping b-line and rolling beats thrust forward at a pace, dubbing out the vocal samples and opening up the bass for some wiggy acid business.

‘Cosmic Slang’ charmingly chugs with reverb soaked piano chords and ascending synths, whilst ‘Deo Mort’ is loose and carefree, with a myriad of classic samples cropping up amongst fragmented beats and a cap doffed towards the Sheffield bleep sound of old.

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