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Tinker’s Knob - Pinehurst Edits Vol. 1

Tinker’s Knob - Pinehurst Edits Vol. 1


Following a 2020 debut on DJ Monchan’s Dailysession Records, Tinker’s Knob returns with a five-tracker on a new imprint, Pinehurst Music. “These edits were selected from projects dating back to 2017,” he explains, “and most of the revisions have to do with structure and arrangement, which are indispensable. I’m beholden to the original musicians and producers for providing the ‘bones’ of these edits. Some of the recordings are uncommon, some less so, but each has elements of magic, sparks blowing off of a burning branch that drove me to follow them into the night.”
Highlights from the collection include: “Juice,” an early Tom Moulton mix refreshed and dripping with strings (fiddle, not philharmonic); “Thief,” a looped-up boogie number with a break that goes all the way across the urban highway; and “Happy Air Dance,” a heartfelt homage to the late Hamilton Bohannon. Limited to 212 copies.

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