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Tim Green - Vacation To Life EP

Tim Green - Vacation To Life EP


Dream and Green kind of rhyme. Not really relevant but though we'd say. Anyhoo...Tim joins like minded artists aboard our dreamy ship and we're lucky to have him.

Each track oozes class and have been rocking dance floors and deserts alike. ‘Vacation To Life’ is a bomb. Tim's use of vocals in his tracks bring magic to the world. We think this is one of his best ever, ever!

On the B-side of the digital download (is that even possible) are ‘Cedar’ and ‘Light Eyes’. ‘Light Eyes’, another grooving dancefloor winner. That late bassline gets us every time. ‘Cedar’ is a three and a half hour epic that drifts. Buckle up and turn the lights off.
*Cedar is really about eight minutes but we do like to exaggerate on occasion.

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