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Tilman - Adventures

Tilman - Adventures

SKU: PS001

Germany’s Tilman inaugurates his new imprint Pleasant Systems this June with the ‘Adventures’ EP, featuring collaborations with Will Buck and Rhode & Brown. Mainz, Germany based producer and DJ Tilman has been dropping his twist on contemporary house over the past decade on labels such as Shall Not Fade, Life Is For Living and Quality Vibes as well as his own Fine imprint, run in collaboration with Johannes Albert. Here though, Tilman marks a new beginning with the launch of Pleasant Systems, a new imprint designed to shine a light on vintage inspired house sounds from both himself and friends. Up first is ‘What’s Mine Is Mine’, a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Will Buck which lays down an amalgamation of airy synth pads, choppy bass stabs, bright piano lines and enchanting flute like melodies atop a swinging drum groove. ‘Strawberry Fields’ follows, stripping things back to shuffled percussion, billowing ethereal textures and wandering sub bass tones while fluttering brass tones and resonant leads ebb and flow within. ‘Velvet Park’ opens the flip side, this time joining forces with Rhode & Brown, embracing a classic sound with raw crunchy drums, delayed piano chords, bumpy bass stabs, cinematic strings and brass hooks throughout. ‘Lovin'’ then rounds out the release, dropping the tempo, featuring the voice of Tilman himself and laying focus on off-kilter organic percussion, twinkling resonant tones, eighties tinged synth chords and g funk moog style bass to perfectly conclude Pleasant System’s debut…

  • Expected Release Date

    June 18, 2021

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