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Thee J Johanz - More Love!

Thee J Johanz - More Love!

SKU: RB090

Thee man, Thee myth Thee legend! Making records and shaking rumps since `93 AS Thee J Johanz (historians might know better), he is a cornerstone of the electronic music scene in the Netherlands. Here we have him debuting on Running Back with four tracks. Traditional, yet refreshing, in equal parts quirky and easy to apply, they show and balance the mechanical genius, deepness and sense of humor, Johanz displayed from day one. “More Love!” is the archetypical electronic disco track that owes as much to Giorgio Moroder creativity as it does to the inventiveness of Japans engineers. “Kickin’ In” is a Patrick Cowley cover with its proceeds going to the San Francisco Aids Foundation. Finally, “Warped Minds” pays tribute to Cowley’s production methods and principals with a “More Cowbell Reprise” thrown in for good measure. Thee, we salute you!

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