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The Robinson - Nightmares EP (Inc. Ron Trent Remix)

The Robinson - Nightmares EP (Inc. Ron Trent Remix)


Italian siblings, The Robinson, deliver a mesmerizing triplet of tracks on the ‘Nightmares’ EP, having popped up recently on Futureboogie’s 2020 Summer Riot IX EP. And the FBR HQ has been all of a quiver after one of the deep house scene’s most prominent and revered figures, Ron Trent, blessed the release with a fine remix in his own inimitable style.

With only a couple of releases on RYE Records behind them, The Robinson are clearly fully formed already, as evident on ‘Burnout’, a sprawling and luscious house joint that’s replete with melodic emotion and rhythmic power.

Having been responsible for so many classic jams over the years (‘Altered States’ recorded & released at the age of 16, nuff said!). Through his productions on the mighty Prescription Records, Peacefrog, Future Vision and so many more, Ron Trent is the epitome of classy, deep vibes, and he stamps his sound onto a fantastic remix ‘Burnout’ with elegance and grace.

In fact, the other original cuts here, ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Matrix’ owe much to the sounds honed by the likes of Ron Trent and other Chicago and Detroit pioneers, as crunchy drum machines, emotive string synths, haunting vocals and sparse yet stirring basslines are all the ingredients needed for the timeless sound and energies contained within these cuts.

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