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The PUR ROYALE PROJECT - Christopher

The PUR ROYALE PROJECT - Christopher

SKU: WS 010

The latest missive on Teflon Dons' LA-based Worldship Music imprint takes us back to 1994 and the overlooked, U.S Garage-influenced house productions of Greg 'Ski' Royal, a mixing and mastering engineer who can trace his roots right back to the earliest days of the West Coast hip-hop scene. Flipside "Down Fifth Avenue" - an evocative, bass-heavy chunk of bumpin', riff-loaded late night deep house - first appeared on a little-known EP way back in the '90s, but the A-side versions of "Christopher" have never been released before. In its original form, it's a soulful and seductive chunk of vocal garage/house fusion complete with "Show Me Love" style organ riffs. Those intoxicating and alluring motifs naturally come to the fore on the accompanying instrumental mix.

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