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The Positive Force With Ade Olatunji - Oracy

The Positive Force With Ade Olatunji - Oracy


Seminal Spiritual Jazz from Detroit, 1977. Officially licensed and re-mastered re-issue. Comes with fold-out insert of Ade Olatunji’s Poetry that features on the album and never before seen artwork designed by New Zealand based designer David Broome. File under Free Jazz, Fusion, Spoken Word, Poetry, Conscious
“I remember Detroit being a cultural hotbed in 1977. There was poetry, theater and music everywhere. I remember even a local bar on the east side even had a poetry night. I don't remember a lot of unemployment or blighted neighbourhoods back then The greatest takeaway from my trip to Nigeria, was the term "Oracy." I want to say that Wole Soyinka, was giving a talk about about communicating with illiterate or functionally illiterate people and he was talking about oral literacy, or "oracy," for short. It struck me as a perfect word-- for what I was doing, practising. When we decided to produce a record of poetry and music there was no question that it would be titled "Oracy." 
1 x LP Picture Sleeve w/ B&W insert

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