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The OWL - Only You Baby

The OWL - Only You Baby


John Devecchis has been instrumental in bringing a strong sense of personality and flair to Cardiology's explorations of the disco edit tradition, and now his The Owl alias is back for a third bout to kick off 2021 in style. 'Only You Baby' is certain to set a party off, whenever one materialises, thanks to its deadly bass hook that sounds like a thousand boogie fantasies rolled into one. 'You' takes a slinkier route, riding on a steadfast, strum-a-long groove that holds it down for the duration before 'Got To Dance' wakes you up with a huge, feel-good break and a cheeky vocal sample. 'Fever' is the pick of the bunch though, amping up the percussion until the congas sound monolithic and dropping a guitar lick you'll spot a mile off.

  • Expected Release Date

    December 14, 2020

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