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The Lemko Unlimited Orchestra - Pathways / K.G.E.T.

The Lemko Unlimited Orchestra - Pathways / K.G.E.T.


If New York’s Roxy nightclub emerged from the colourful blocks of Brazil, there's no doubt these tracks would be the carnival sound clash heard on hard rotation. Brooklyn percussionist Eugene Tambourine, aka The Lemko Unlimited Orchestra, has created new renditions of disco hits, giving them the rhythmic going over they didn’t know they needed. It’s the artist’s tale of NYC clubbing in the 1980’s, infused with a raucous, fiery Latin attitude. A package expertly mixed by Darshan Jesrani.

‘Pathways’ is a mashup, interpolating hooks from Fingers Inc’s ‘A Path’ in clever combinations with Ralph Macdonald’s much sampled ‘The Path.’

You’ll no doubt recognise ‘K.G.E.T.’ from the original ‘K-Jee’ funk bomb by The Nite-Liters in 1971, later covered famously by MFSB. Eugene updates the tune with disco-era style, flowing live and carrying the torch onwards from the bands back in the day.

Stripped back ‘Versions’ have been recorded of both tracks, giving you raw drums & acidic brawn. These are dj dubs focused on the dance floor, the real deal from The Lemko Unlimited Orchestra on Balearic.

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