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The Chromatic Universe EP PART ONE

The Chromatic Universe EP PART ONE


Visions Recordings is back with the second volume of their compilation “the chromatic Universe” presented by Alex and Stephane Attias. This second opus is full of exclusives tracks mixing styles and genres with a colourful palette of grooves from Paris to New York, from Detroit to London, from Italy to Switzerland and beyond. This compilation is international as you can see and Visions is very happy to release 3 vinyls EP as the compilation to have a collection and a better sound quality rather than squeezing all the tracks on an album.

Those three EP are holding 4 tracks of pure gems. This FIRST part is offering you a new version of Just One “stay my way remixed by Detroit/Atlanta star Kai Alçé on a house journey with a killer bass groove and keys. We got on the same side a deep experimental groovy number by Daniel Maunick aka Dokta Venom taking us on a spacey journey with fat beats and unique shuffle. On the B side Hugo LX Parisian rising Star is providing a deep jazz house special jam with Florian Pellissier on keys and the last track is an intense electronic future jazz fusion jam produced by Alex Attias. There is music for everybody who love jazz, soul, house, fusion and broken rhythms.

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