Serious ‘70s Chi-lites business, remastered officially from the Brunswick back catalogue.
Infamously sampled by Beyonce for her ‘Crazy In Love’ hit, ‘Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)’ is a huge slice of soulful, funk gold. Marrying Eugene Record’s falsetto alongside Creadel "Red" Jones' animated bass tones it screams flash, feel-good, funk - none more so than when the collective combine for those delectable vocal harmonies. Woven in behind - a heavy bassline, masterful drumming and that crazed horn section, creating a certified recipe for deep-seated desire.
The flip see’s the sumptuous ‘Stoned Out Of My Mind’ demonstrating, once again, Record’s magical falsetto, delivered in such a personal way you’ll leave thinking you’re the one who’s gone messed up his mind. Enhanced even further by the dazzling string and horn sections and those choice group harmonies, it’s got a psychedelic tinge to it that serves its namesake all too well.

The Chi-Lites - Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) / Stoned Out Of My Mind

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