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The Buttshakers Cold World

The Buttshakers Cold World

SKU: UR844331

"After their critically acclaimed LP “Arcadia” THE BUTTSHAKERS return with a powerful new 45” in celebration of Record Store Day. A two-sided slab of heavy hitting soul grooves.
Cold World, with it’s darker, Stax-influenced horn hook, drives the listener on with an infectious groove and heart-wrenching vocals. The riff is heavy, but the message remains hopeful: stay golden in a cold, isolating world. A post-covid soul anthem.
On the b-side, THE BUTTSHAKERS sink into the bluesy-country roots of soul music with CROSSROAD. The intimate guitar-voice of the intro gives way to a feverish drum and bass rhythm sent straight from the bayou. The song galops and races, taking the listener on a strange and dreary trip to meet the Devil at the crossroad. A story of legends; reimagined with some twang and a whole lotta soul."

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