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The Black Man's Music Collation for Justice - Break Free

The Black Man's Music Collation for Justice - Break Free

SKU: tbmmc.2 clear

Break Free (Special Limited 7Inch Clear Vinyl)
Just in time for so called Black History Month, and also due to the success of the already sold out black vinyl edition; we once again bring you a special Clear colored vinyl repress of “Break Free” Produced by The Black Man’s Music Collation for Justice and Mixed by Joaquin Joe Claussell. The original composition began as an idea then taken from the Joaquin Joe Claussell highly praised Raw Cassette series, and following on the heels of the vastly sought after underground / politically infused “House N” 7” Cat Number TBMMC.1
Break Free was produced as a call to action. But It is also meant to challenge people (Everyone) to wake up and at the very least-give some thought understanding what is a stake whenever we just accept things as they are, meanwhile the world and freedoms that we cherish are quickly and permanently being taken from under us. It is time to align with one another and therefore commit to freeing ourselves from the chains of mental incarceration, but also doing whatever necessary to lift ourselves and our children’s children off from the slave plantation.
The band news is; The future looks less bright than it ever was.
The good news is that It’s not too late…
Raise your hands if you are mutha F with us. 

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