During these days of uncertainty, along with chaos and confusion running ramped-souls forced into distancing from one another, and where is love being over taken by fear and pandemic phobia; it has become most evident than ever before that we need to reroute and therefore preserve our DNA back into the soil of the Motherland. And so, imagine yourself as an infant immersed within red walls and by the pulsating rhythm of the beating heart. It is in there where your truth lies before programmation. It is also partly where the vibrations of the Mofocongoietric by the Bayara Citizens originate from, and is waiting to set your mind free. All that is required is that you listen, dance, and believe.

The Bayara Citizens - Mofo Congoietric EP Remix Green Colored Vinyl Release

SKU: SRM-274
  • February 16, 2021


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