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Teleseen - Exposures EP

Teleseen - Exposures EP


Over the years, the sonic world of Heist has grown into a place where energetic house, live instruments and worldly electronics move together in the most natural way. We’re very proud of the fact that we can showcase artists that cross boundaries or simply create their own universe, while keeping a strong connection with the identity of the label. Our next release, the ‘Exposures EP’ by Teleseen, fits perfectly into this aesthetic. Teleseen is the main project of nomadic DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Cyr and draws influence from deep house, afro house, samba, batucada as well as the experimentalism and sound system cultures of his home town NYC. His sound leans heavily on polyrhythmic programming and he’s nothing short of a synth wizard. His ‘Exposures EP’ features 3 originals, and a remix by Berlin based Italian house guru Black Loops. The record features a number of collaborators and recordings of various instruments, ranging from percussive sections to synths and guitar. This live approach to electronic music is one that is deeply rooted into Gabriel’s work. His upcoming release on Soundway as ‘Thaba’ is another good example of this approach and also shows how diverse his sounds really is. The title track is a thrilling synth affair with tribal-like chants running through a vocoder. The combination of handclaps, crunchy synths and steady drums make for a thrilling afro house track that hints towards early motor city electronics. Black Loops is known for his deep grooves and built his fame with his releases on Freerange, Pets and Shall not Fade. His take on ‘Exposures’ sees him upping the tempo to a pacey 130 bpm, where an introvert vibe of reverbed hits and bleeps take you into full dream mode. 

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