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TANDA TULA CHOIR - Adap - ations

TANDA TULA CHOIR - Adap - ations

SKU: AA009

n 2015 Superpitcher was invited to go on a safari in South Africa. He stayed at the breathtaking Tanda Tula camp in Timbavati adjacent to the Kruger National Park.

Apart from being stunned by the untouched nature of the area, he was also blown away one evening by a performance of the Tanda Tula staff choir. He was so touched by their folk songs and beautiful Shangaan language that he decided to record and produce a CD for them to sell in the camp's shop, free of charge with all proceeds going to the choir members. This recording has since enabled guests from around the world to take the captivating voices of the Tanda Tula Choir home with them.

Not much later, Superpitcher approached Autonomous Africa with the idea of us putting out a remix EP. It contains four very different but somehow complementary remixes from Superpitcher, LAPS, Red Axes and Esa.

All profits from this release will be split between Tanda Tula choir and the International Library of African Music. Founded by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey in 1954, ILAM is an an organisation dedicated to the preservation and study of African music.

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