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Tamer Yiğit - Uprocking

Tamer Yiğit - Uprocking

SKU: 451066


Percussion-heavy Anatolian breakdance funk from Berlin. B-boy drums and bongos collide with Cümbüş (turkish lute), Ney (flute) and violin to create an inter-/outernational organic global groove track.The flip side features a drums-only mix for further DJ pleasure. Limited edition of 300x with each record handstamped.

Tamer Yiğit is a Turkish-German actor, director & musician. Although best known for his work in film, he has been a hiphop activist since the early days, from breaking to producing some of the first German crews rapping in turkish language. Grewing up in West-Berlin between the sounds from his family's homeland and the blossoming hiphop culture that spilled over from the USA, "Uprocking" is a natural fusion of elements that have been living together in his ears for ages.

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