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Super Spicy Recipe Vol 3

Super Spicy Recipe Vol 3


With a bit of luck you're finding your way to a party somewhere, and if you're really lucky you might be getting to lay a platter or two down for the dance. If so, and disco is your thing, don't sleep on this grip of crucial edits precision tuned to ignite the dancefloor. The third drop on the Super Spicy Recipe series sees Robert Ouimet and Dave Godin bring some fierce flexing to 'More Than Meets The Eye', while Alexny amps things up on the stomping, percussion-laden 'Aie'. JB Boogie's 'Funky Music' edges back from full-tilt disco to delve into something groovier, but even at a slower tempo this track is just as potent for the people, and it might just be the hottest track on this surefire 12" of get-down goodness.

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