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Stump Valley Melodj Mecca

Stump Valley Melodj Mecca

SKU: SCR1264

This record is inspired by one of the most representative clubs of the Italian Cosmic movement of the '80s.
Rimini, 1981. Melody Mecca opens its doors and DJ Pery is the first resident, he spontaneously makes the club unique, through his personal choice of music, mostly relying on Afro and World sounds, rather than the disco funk groove, filling Italian dancefloors in the early '80s.
DJ Meo, author of the outstanding Fine Corsa reissued in 2018, joins the booth in 1983 and the two create a magic flow, that resonate into the Cosmic scene. On the floor peace reigns and there is no need of security.
Aficionados coming from every part of Italy are like pilgrims gathering to the long stairway and yellow roof tarps of 'La Mecca'.
The venue is huge, every night the musical path provides an educating experience bringing down the boundaries of mixing, dancers go crazy for mixtapes, hundreds are recorded after the parties and played on car systems, to the extent that who’s bounced is having a party in the parking of the club.
Stump Valley roots lie in the collection of records inherited from DJ Peppe, who inspired our Magica Movida. This is the second chapter of our tribute to that era, even if it won't be possible to recreate the same atmosphere of those magical nights today, till we will have stories like to one of Meo, the legacy of Melodj Mecca will still alive.

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