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STUDIO MULE - Carnaval Superpitcher Remixes

STUDIO MULE - Carnaval Superpitcher Remixes


Studio Mule the label announces a killer remix package. Superpitcher (aka Pachanga Boys) made three versions of remix. Studio Mule's original version which is produced by Kuniyuki Takahashi and sung by Miyako Koda (aka Dip In The Pool) is a cover version of a Japanese '80s dance classic by Taeko Onuki. Superpitcher's main mix is for peaktime in DJ sets. It's much more groovy and dancefloor friendly than original version. The "Dub Mix" is a more stripped-down version and for the more disco-oriented DJ. The "Ambient Mix" sounds like a Japanese Kankyo Ongaku, it's simply beautiful meditative music. Beautiful cover design by New York artist Lily Fei.

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