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Spencer Parker - New Works Volume One and Volume Two

Spencer Parker - New Works Volume One and Volume Two


Following a disco-fuelled release on Patrick Topping’s Trick, Spencer Parker gets back to his own Work Them Records imprint with an EP series entitled ‘New Works’. ‘New Works Volume One & Two’ sees the British born, Berlin-based DJ/producer let loose four tracks of the sort of driving house music he’s perfected over the course of his career.
‘babeh babeh babeh babeh’ opens the release with a huge New Jersey inspired beats/chords combo which steadily builds towards the titular chopped vocal refrain and teasingly used bass hook. Next up, Parker deploys deep, swirling pads atop classic 909 drums for ‘beat u’, creating the sort of stripped house dub that informed much of his early love affair with the genre.
On the flip, 'vogue u' sees chopped vocals at the forefront of the cut, paired with a booming, kick focussed rhythm track and staccato piano stabs that nod to the golden era of house while keeping eyes firmly on the dance floors of the future.
Closing out proceedings ‘im in this (until I die)’ shows Parker in some of his funkiest form to date, employing a huge, walking bass and mangled vocal loops with the sort of precision arrangement that is a trademark for producer.

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