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Space Echo - Cha-Ha EP

Space Echo - Cha-Ha EP


Despite having been one of the most devastating years in the history of electronic music culture, 2020 has also brought about some creative momentum for music producers worldwide. In the case of Space Echo, it presented an opportunity to complete their third EP for Luv Shack Records. The energy fuelled “Cha-Cha” is a title track that boasts with all the elements we’ve come to expect from a Space Echo joint; uplifting live drums blended with a classic 4-to-the-floor beat, a funky syncopated bassline, motivational vocal chops and lots of grainy delay. This time however, the main theme is played by a live saxophone that seamlessly fits the formula by switching between rhythmic and melodic phrases throughout the track. The B-Side takes us to the laid back funk that is “Another Dream”. This sombre slice of sunrise music is jam packed with lush rhodes, live bass and sax and quirky mellotron melodies to boot. Polish sound wizard Das Komplex gives “Another Dream” the remix treatment, churning out an uptempo disco rendition that is meant to be played on balearic beaches and sweaty afterhours alike.

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