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Space Dimension Controller Final Quest

Space Dimension Controller Final Quest


Space Dimension Controller returns to Aus Music with six tracks of superb cosmic adventure

EP arrives digitally or as a six-track 12" including exclusive vinyl-only cut 'Acid Funk Sequel' on July 26th
Space Dimension Controller is an intergalactic musical explorer. His sci-fi sounds paint technicolour pictures
in widescreen. Whether crafting definitive albums like Love Beyond The Intersect on R&S, club-ready EPs
for Aus and Running Back or dropping collections of unreleased tracks on his own Tiraquon Recordings, his
work sounds futuristic yet nostalgic for the past. It is fueled by funk and crafted on synths, hardware, tape
machines and various other imperfect tools that lend it a loveable character.

His Final Quest EP is a "French-inspired" release, which is an influence that predates the Space Dimension
Controller alias and goes back to Hamill's teenage years. It is also the last EP from his current studio before
it is dismantled and moved to Amsterdam sometime this summer.

From start to finish, this new EP showcases Hamill's ability to craft emotionally evocative melodies and
genuinely absorbing soundtracks. Opener 'Jet Free' is awash with filtered synths that are sugary sweet and
underpinned by funky guitar riffs and laissez-faire grooves. The wonderful 'Cryfaze' has rueful pads spiralling
around sleek drums that bounce along next to supple neon arps, while 'Tiraquon's Final Quest' is a bubbling
and elastic rhythm run through with soft acid squelches and pixelated pads full of cosmic charm. '1 4 U' rides
on heavier drums but is no less joyous thanks to the crystalline melodies and dreamy vocals that swell the
heart. Vinyl exclusive 'Acid Funk Sequel' is another playful moon safari with buoyant bass patterns and
snappy drum funk under ever-evolving melodic refrains and 'Beyond2' closes down with forlorn, introspective
melodies that ripple over heavy-hearted chords.

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