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The title says it all about the latest release on Budabeats Records:
The Southern Hemisphere EP features 4 tracks inspired by the immensely rich and diverse musical tradition that South America and Africa offers.

Beginning with a slick edit of Letta Mbulu's now classic tune 'Nomalizo', London based producer Petko Turned respectfully reconstructed the track, focusing on the elements that work best on the dancefloor.
In 'Pontos das Caboclas', BeTe (a.k.a. Suhov) created a laid back yet driving atmosphere, using the main patterns and the beautiful vocals of the original song as written by Camila Costa.
In his remix, Chillum Trio added his trademark sound to the Ebo Taylor classic 'Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara', the result is a slow burning, bass heavy house number taking the original to a completely new level.

Closing the EP is the Birdhouse collective's original composition, 'Berimbao', a catchy contemporary cumbia tune that any combo in Bogota could be proud of.

All titles have been licensed carefully, it makes us beyond proud to be able to say that the Southern Hemisphere EP has the full support of the original artists.

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