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Soul State Jazz - Annwn

Soul State Jazz - Annwn


The 4th LP from Banoffee Pies Records comes in the form of a debut album from Tom Ellis' new live ensemble, Soulstatejazz. The release titled "Annwn", is the result of a 3 day improvisation at Malt Barn studio, in the beautiful Nanerth Valley in mid Wales, forming a 6 track album of hybrid live/electronic jazz-house. The group, who first performed at Freerotation Festival as a morning journey, soon evolved into a flowing ensemble of musicians brought together by one of the core residents at the festival. With Tom Ellis (Bass, Drums, Percussion & Production), Mark Hand (Fender Rhodes & Moog), Michiel Renger (Tenor Sax) and Dave Elson (homemade Reaktor & Ableton instruments & FX) as the main backline of the band, the LP also features artists and residents connected to Freerotation and Malt Barn studio.

In Welsh folk law it was said "Annwn" [an:un] - "The Otherwold", was a world of delights and beauty located on an island or beneath the earth. A place of eternal youth and good, where food and fair health remained ever abundant as the wage of death and disease fell to it's way side. Commonly identifying in Welsh mythology as an afterlife of paradise.

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