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SKU: LT110

It's a rare thing but sometimes it happens...a tune!

You know one of those jams you just want play over and over again because it embodies something truly special, something undefined but authentic that just makes perfect sense to your ears but also gives you that warm goose bump feeling.
This is exactly how we felt when we first heard the demo of "Speak To Me".
With a classic spiritual Chicago house feel, a thumpin' (not pumpin') 4/4 production it's all topped with a melodic vocal sample that brings back memories to classic jams like Seven Grand Housin' Authority "Love's Got Me High".
It's simple yet powerful house music jam-packed with honest emotions.

Just play it, we promise it will make sense to you!
In order to make this release even more powerful and valuable we asked Ricky to step in to his James L'Estraunge Orchestra pseudonym and transform (remix sounds so limiting) the track into something completely different.
The result is something truly magical, a huge live jazz-funk escapade that sounds like if The Rotary Connection and Charles Stepney went on an orchestral late 70's jazz-funk-fusion's big, epic and full of musical surprises !

Scottish producers Ricky Reid (The James L'Estraunge Orchestra, RK Fusion, The True Rebels) and Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) are Soul Renegades, a duo that between themselves has more house history than most of us.
With early releases dating back to the 90's they previously got music out on classic labels like Restless Soul and Rainy City.

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