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Soul Clap WTF (World Transformation Force)

Soul Clap WTF (World Transformation Force)


Boston duo, Soul Clap drop their new album WTF (World Transformation Force) on Fools Gold, exhibiting their consistent evolution in the studio delivering a diverse body of work that hones in on their uniquely soulful spin on underground house, blending in elements of RnB, garage, hip-hop, funk, and downtempo electronica.
WTF is a call for radical love and radical hope, while affirming the Boston duo’s long-standing mission to change our world beyond the dancefloor.
Soul Clap explains…….. "WTF (World Transformation Force) is our reaction to what’s happening to this planet called Earth, and to us, the human beings on it. It’s a call for radical love and radical hope. Our belief that things will get better, even if we are still just beginning to learn how to get there. It’s a wake up call to action, a time for all of us to join together on the path to positive change. Dance music was born as a subversive, underground movement of marginalised people and we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps and use the power of our culture for positive change.”
Soul Clap are astute in looking to the past in order to build the future, a constant ethos driven by their many influences and the respect and genuine acknowledgement to the roots of dance music. They connect with artists from the source and this is further displayed on WTF with collaborators like Nona Hendryx (one third of Labelle and who toured with Talking Heads), who delivers a powerful spoken word on album interlude ‘What If There Was No America?’
The album also features Tra’zae Clinton, who is the grandson of George Clinton; Harry Dennis, Chicago house music producer and lyricist who was part of the original generation of house music in the late 1970s and early 1980s; Rich Medina, a key figure of the East Coast scene, creator of Lil’ Ricky’s Rib Shack and resident for Q-Tip’s ‘Open’ Fridays events; and Sha-Lor vocalist Lori Lava who burst onto NYC Club scene with classic ‘I’m In Love’ produced by Newcleus/Dream 2 Science mastermind Cozmo D in the late 80s.

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