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Sol Power All-Stars - Distant Dawn EP 12"

Sol Power All-Stars - Distant Dawn EP 12"


Hello hello how are you? Hope 2021 is off to a good start and that the holidays treated you well. We've been a little quiet over at the Rocksteady Disco HQ, but we're really stoked to kick the new year off in fine style with the venerable Sol Power All-Stars with their EP entitled Distant Dawn. The release features Brooklynite vocalist Amma Whatt (Nate Smith's Kinfolk); Nigerian Afrobeat/psych rock/Juju legend Frank Martins (Elcados, Shina Peters, Tyna Onwudiwem, and many more); Ibibio Sound Machine’s iconic horn section Scott Baylis & Max Grunhard; and one of DC’s most important Afro-Jazz horn players Besufekad Tadesse. It's already being supported by Jamie 3:26 ("I love this shit!!!The first one is the one for me!!!!Pure afro energy!!!!"), Jimpster ("Another lovely EP you got here!"), Chris Coco ("It’s the dub of Every Time You Move for me. It’s deep and sultry and makes me think of sunshine and sea and steamy summer nights."), Leo Mas, Chrissy, Alma Negra, Jacques Renault, Kiko Navarro, JKriv, The Silver Rider, Pete On The Corner, Paul Fogarty, Jose Marquez, Craig Smith, Deep Tenor City, Dazzle Drums, Horse Meat Disco, and many more, with it already getting Worldwide FM, Alhara, and Lot Radio play.
Distant Dawn is an EP that captures the pent up energy we've all been feeling over the last year and gives us the release we need. There's moody erotic deepness on "Every Time You Move", there's ecstatic heavyweight drummage with some of the rudest horns I've ever heard on "Cocoyer". And the B-side gives you killin' alternate mixes, with a Chantapella for DJ's 3-deck escapades. It's a proper package and we're stoked it's our first release of 2021.

  • Expected Release Date

    February 16, 2021

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