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Sofa Talk Organica / Untold Stories

Sofa Talk Organica / Untold Stories

SKU: TLM7002

The focus for this TLM 7″ is on SofaTalk from Italy, on the A side we have a superb track called Organica with main man Piero Paolinelli on Roland V-Drum, Arp Odyssey and Juno 106 with Marcus Horndt on Fender Rhodes and Edoardo Ruzzi on the Electric Bass. On the AA side Piero goes solo for Untold Stories, another superb track highlighting Piero’s talents. Piero runs his own label Cognitiva Records and has had releases on deepArtSounds and ANMA Records amongst others, we are very proud to have him onboard for this release.

  • Expected Release Date

    July 21, 2021

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