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Skatman - Aromanticism

Skatman - Aromanticism


Following his latest contribution to Innervisions Limbo compilation and a personal EP on TAU, Skatman returns to his home of Scatcity Records.
This release defines Skatman's current artistic direction as well as his vision for the future of his label and the melodic scene. We see him bring his sound forward as a more minimalistic approach to the deep and melodic sounds that have shaped him over the years.
Skatman’s mission is to bring back the integrity to the sound he loves, taking it to a new level and triggering a change of direction within the niche that is melodic electronic music. The name ‘Aromanticism’ is a reference to the revolutionary aspect of the realism movement that happened as a reaction to what dominated art and literature in the age of romanticism in the 19th century.

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