Banana Hard & Disco Kisses is the 1st studio Album of Daniel Klein aka SIRS which follows some key EPs and has the sort of organic textures and realness of 70s soul and boogie funk that wasn’t too over produced.
It is a musically adventurous affair that reflects all assets of Klein’s sounds, from percussive beats, to soulful jams, Italo disco and sun touched tunes. Some of it features Rhodes jams by long time friend Gunter Gerl, and some of it is smartly sampled by Klein himself. It is music to make an emotional impact rather than music driven by sales or chart places, and that is an approach that is working, with the likes of DJ Harvey often reaching for an SIRS productions in his sets.
Ten tracks featuring artists such as Stee Downes, Hava Izmailova, Arsivplak, Lotus Imane and cooperations with Johannes Albert, Dj Pippi & Willie Graf amongst others.

SIRS - Banana Hard & Disco Kisses



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