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Shannon - Let The Music Play

Shannon - Let The Music Play

SKU: SPEC-1827

A stone cold old-school classic right here, from the year of 1984. Forged within the furnaces of electro and freestyle, Shannon's sound was ubiquitous in post-disco clubland. Washington DC native Brenda Shannon Greene had a long career and released numerous records that soundtracked 1000s of clubbing experiences across the world, but 'Let The Music Play' was undoubtedly her calling card and still resonates today with it's clipped booming 808s, bubbling acidic bassline and soaring synth lines. An absolute masterclass that rocks for the b-boys, the fly girls and anyone within 2 feet of the dancefloor. Repressed here from master sources for Unidisc's 40th anniversary, an essential club anthem that everyone should own.

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