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Shamis & RebiereRock - It For Ya​/​Shake It Off EP

Shamis & RebiereRock - It For Ya​/​Shake It Off EP

SKU: INI 050/WW020

"While concerts, club nights and live festivals are somewhere in a future just beyond our grasp, Shamis and Rebiere encapsulated that longing in the upcoming Wicked Wax & INI Movement joint EP Rock It For Ya/Shake It Off. Themed around the concept of freedom through dancing, the EP is a true musical stress reliever that makes it hard to sit still.

Shamis & Rebiere invite you to let go of daily stresses with the four-on-the-floor groover Rock It For Ya. The beats and soulful instrumentations are enriched with the vocals by Shamis, who also adds to the theme of the track in lyrically. ‘Let me rock it ’til the lights go out and the sun will rise again.’ reminds us of a time we possibly all long for. Reminded of something Kaytranada-esque drum programming, the harmonies and chords really keep you engaged with the track.

Shake It Off takes on a modern soul approach to the theme of the EP. With a slower pace than the A-side, it’s equally as infectious to make you move. The duos dynamic is most clear in the way certain synth licks and horn melodies blend together with Shamis’ soothing vocals. Lush chords and laid back drums provide a care-free feeling, perfectly underlining the concept of the EP.

The EP comes with a remix of each track and both are very much in line with theme. Fouk add a house touch to Rock It For Ya with a heavy bass line, capturing (or reminiscing) a club night feeling. Californian funkster B.Bravo adds his signature modern funk sound to Shake It Off, making it even more irresistible to maintain your body still. It’s evident that both understood how to translate the theme of the EP to their remixes." - Mo Wrights 

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