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Tokyo based DJ/Producer Tsuyoshi Ogawa presents "Seven Samurai". This vinyl-only label has been founded in 2018 and it is operating in Tokyo, Japan. It pays tribute to the Japanese legendary movie director 'Akira Kurosawa'. This 4th EP featuring Foog from Tokyo who is a pioneer of Japanese electronic music since the early 80’s as Yukihiro Fukutomi. The EP includes two tracks inspired by the movie "The Lower Depths" that well know "Donzoko" in Japanese. 1st title track "The Lower Depths" recorded using the sound sample from the movie. The beat influenced by the Japanese Rakugo and impressive Syakuhachi phrase brings us toughness and funniness of those who survive in Edo-Ghetto like that movie. 2nd track "Fourth Wall" asks us about the confusion of the modern world with human negative emotions, evil, anger, poverty and greedy from the movie in 1962 across time and space. It will be a warning message to the modern economically unequal society from the ancient economically unequal society. This EP is dedicated to Kurosawa as a new spiritual soundtrack for The Lower Depths.

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