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Scruscru & Mike Fot Spliff Jamz Vol.1

Scruscru & Mike Fot Spliff Jamz Vol.1


Russian duo Scruscru and Mike Fot join forces for the 'Spliff Jamz Vol.1' EP on SlothBoogie Records this September. Following a series of visits to Moscow between 2018 and 2020 to play at Powerhouse club, Scruscru would swing by Mike Fot’s apartment for a smoke and a jam session, working with a variety of Roland and Korg gear late into the night. The results of these sessions have led to a series of ‘Spliff Jamz’ EPs; with the first four tracks being presented now via SlothBoogie Records.

‘Spliff Jazz’ leads the release, as the name would suggest fusing an amalgamation of intricately processed jazz samples and off-kilter jazz-tinged drums with modulating synth swells and heavy doses of sub bass. ‘Lazy Daydreaming’ follows and tips the focus over to a soft haze of ethereal pads, acid bass, resonant licks and bumpy drums.

‘Got U’ opens the flip-side, stripping things back with a focus on crunchy electro leaning drums, a snaking elongated bass groove and wandering Rhodes like synth tones. ‘Hauz Bonger’ then rounds out the release, shifting direction to a classic organ fuelled house vibe with choppy breaks, shuffled percussion and soaring vocals throughout.

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