Born out of a deep love of house music, Let There Be House launched in 2013 as a podcast series, soon growing from a media platform to a fully-fledged record label. Today they celebrate their 100th release, since the label founded in 2016, with this impeccable collaboration between Sandy Rivera & Aruhtra.

‘Love Somebody Else’ is a truly uplifting, feel-good house record, blending computerised synth bleeps with anthemic piano hooks, soulful vocals and irresistible, swingin’ drum grooves. The legendary Sandy Rivera is warmly welcomed to the Let There Be House imprint, inviting upcoming UK producer Aruhtra to co-produce this sun-kissed party starter together. Sandy also enlists top-flight vocalist April Morgan to deliver her angelic toplines, having worked with her in the studio frequently in the past, she was the perfect fit for this summery jackin’ groove.

Sandy Rivera / Aruhtra Featuring April Morgan - Love Somebody Else



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