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Saidêra - Deixa Tudo Fluir / Sincronicidade

Saidêra - Deixa Tudo Fluir / Sincronicidade


A big move in a new direction to start a big, new-direction year, 2021!

The debut single from Saidera, a trio comprised of Alex Pasternak, formerly of Lemonade; Mike Cheever, a.k.a. Le Chev, previously of Avan Lava; and Brazilian samba school leader, Osvaldo "Vadinho" Luiz Freire de Araújo, on vocals and songwriting duties.

The two tracks here meet somewhere in the middle of where the three members come from: they're laden with electronics and tuned for the club, but they're also distinctly Latin, crackling with joyful Carnaval energy, and everything's sung in Portuguese.

Following this is a string of instrumentals and remixes, and, eventually, a second record we're keeping the lid on for now.

  • Expected Release Date

    February 5, 2021

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